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Dog Giving a High Five

Ever feel like you’re butting heads with your canine best friend?

If only they understood what you were saying, maybe then they would listen.

Lady Training a Dog to Shake Hands

Understanding your dog

Sometimes our dog’s can do undesirable things, and it can be hard for us to understand why.

Whether it’s fighting us tooth and nail when it’s bath time (despite loving muddy puddles), stealing our belongings then getting mad at us when we try to take them back (seriously), barking at anything and everything, or just not being able to have some down time.

We get it, no really, we understand how dogs work and we help you to understand too, so you can take those annoying behaviours and easily change them for the better through positive reinforcement training.

We teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog, and how in turn to get them to listen to you. We teach your dog what you’d like them to do, rather than focusing on having to always correct the undesirable behaviours.

Selfie of a Lady and Her Canine Friend

Meet Jenny & Benji

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I spent my entire childhood asking my parents for a dog. Always the answer was no, until one day it wasn’t.  When I got Benji I vowed to always take care of him no matter what. I promised to never abandon him and to look after him as best I can.  When I first got Benji I did just that. Except, with what I know now, I can tell you I made mistakes.

Without realising it I damaged my relationship with Benji for the first 1-2 years of his life using methods of training and discipline that are still marketed and recommended today. 
Back then I didn’t know better.

“I made mistakes... I damaged my relationship with Benji”. After completing my HSC, I continued my education through an internship at Greencross Vets completing my Certificate II in Animal Studies. In January and February of 2020 I completed an international online course and gained a Certificate of Completion from Susan Friedman. Her course, Living and Learning with Animals, has taught me all the theory of animal behaviour modification.

These courses combined with shadowing a professional animal behaviourist, Jac Tarrant from The Dog Nose, and working as a full time dog walker with The Dog House Manly, means I feel ready to share my knowledge and skills with dog owners who, like me, just want the best for their furry friend.    


“I feel ready to share my knowledge and skills with dog owners who want the best for their furry friend”. I did it with Benji, I’ve seen the results first hand and I wish I had someone help me earlier in our time together. At 5 years, Benji is such a well behaved dog. He has his issues (don’t we all) but I work with him in positive ways to help him cope with life so we can live harmoniously and happily.  

Man Hugging His Dog Showing Their Strong Bond

Build relationship
with your dog

We all love our dogs but boy can they be gross, annoying or embarrassing sometimes! “We can live harmoniously and happily." I want to give you the skills and confidence to build a strong relationship with the dog you have. I want to help you give your dog the skills and confidence to live in our world. It is possible. It's worth it. And I can show you how.

Dog giving a high five
Dog Taking a Break From a Walk
Small Dog Giving a High Five
Puppy In Training
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