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In-Home Puppy Sessions

If you’ve just gotten a new puppy or are planning on getting one soon then invest in our puppy package which will set you and your newest family member up to live a long and happy life together. 

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What we do

Sessions will be planned to cover toilet training, nipping and biting, separation anxiety, socialisation, body language and more. There will also be exercises that will not only help to teach you and your dog how to communicate and listen to one another but will also go towards building a strong bond with each other. We will cover behaviours such as sit, lie down/settle, recall and some fun tricks.

What's Included

  • 4 private 1hr consultations with me

  • Notes following each consultation

  • Contact with me throughout the duration of the package to ask any questions you may have

  • Certificate of completion

The Process:

Sessions will be held in your home so the focus will be purely on your family and your puppy. Unlike with puppy class, these sessions give puppy owners (who may have busy schedules) more flexibility to fit in their puppy's training when sessions are booked.

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We called in Jenny to assist with our 8 week old labrador pup. There is no doubt if we made the right choice. Throughout the 4 sessions as part of the puppy pack, we have learnt so many things! First we thought it was about training our pup, but in the end we learnt it was all about us, how we understand our pup. Pleasant journey!

Dinesh & Logan

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Book with us!

You have a new puppy but don’t have a schedule that allows you to attend puppy classes at the same time, four weeks in a row, or your puppy needs a little extra help and puppy class isn’t suitable, or your puppy is too old for puppy class but you still want to learn the basics.

Take & Train Sessions

This service is for owners who need extra help in implementing a training plan and can’t train as often as needed. 
Only available to pre-existing clients working with us.

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The Process & What's Included:

A trainer will come to your house and spend 30 minutes training one on one with your dog – you are welcome to be present but are not required to be, so you can spend  the time getting other life chores done, while we progress your dog’s training for you.

  • 30 minutes one-to-one time with trainer

  • Treats

  • Videos and photos of the session

  • Brief overview of session emailed post session

Only offered to clients that have had any of the following services with us in the last 3 months:

Dog training session
Behavioural consultation
Puppy Package

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Dog Taking a Break From a Walk
Small Dog Giving a High Five
Puppy In Training
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