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Group Puppy Class

If you’ve just gotten a new puppy or are planning on getting one soon then invest in our puppy classes which will set you and your newest family member up to succeed together!

Two Puppies Playing With Eachother

What we do

Socialising your puppy and ensuring they have the skills to live in our human society can go a long way to living a happy life together.

Our classes cover the training process, using basic obedience cues, introductions to novel items, co-operative care for stress free grooming and vet visits, lead skills and so much more!

Along with class you are given a welcome pack with handouts covering the most common puppy problems and how to solve them.

What's Included

  • 4 group sessions held in a veterinary clinic

  • Handouts covering main areas of concern for puppy owners and how to help

  • Contact and questions with your trainer throughout the course

  • A facebook group to share your progress and connect with other puppy owners

  • A certificate of completion

The Process:

Classes are held at Asquith Veterinary Clinic at the same time every week (currently Tuesday 6pm).

Husky Puppy Running To A Ball
Jenny has excellent knowledge of a dog’s behaviour and explains the training process in a way I could understand.

Learning the basics at puppy school has helped me and Ella form a strong bond and we look forward to continuing the training on our own.

I highly recommend Jenny’s puppy school!


Cute Puppy
A red cartoon paw sits in the centre of two light blue circles one inside the other
Two Adorable Puppies Doing Puppy Training

Book with us!

You have a puppy between the ages of 8-16 weeks that you want to teach foundational skills and learn the basics with.

There’s something in this course for everyone, even the most well-versed dog owner.

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Dog Taking a Break From a Walk
Small Dog Giving a High Five
Puppy In Training
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