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Dogs Running in a Training Session

Dog Training

Whether your dog barks and lunges at the end of the leash, counter surfs, won’t settle or just lacks general obedience we will give you the knowledge and skills to deal with these behaviours without compromising the loving relationship between you and your dog.

If you’re dedicated to working with your dog in order to live a harmonious life together with understanding and kindness at the forefront then you’re the client for us!

Our Services:

The follow-up services below are only available to clients who have had any of the following services in the last 3 months:
- Initial Consultation
- Puppy Package Lessons
- Puppy Class Lessons

Work with us!

Sessions are held in your local area and tailored to your needs and skill set. After understanding what  your goals are your trainer will demonstrate the exercise with your dog, explain the exercise and walk you through it step by step so you understand how to work with your dog.

Still not sure? We're happy to chat

Cute Happy Dog Smiling And Holding Owners Hand

What we do

These sessions will cover exercises and games you can play with your dog to teach them what to do instead of what not to do!

Through positive reinforcement training we can help your dog choose to do the things you want them to do, so everyone is happy and your bond and relationship are strengthened.

Whether it’s a case of simple behaviour change or intensive behaviour modification we have the service that suits your needs.

Not sure which service is right for you and your dog?

Dog giving a high five
Dog Taking a Break From a Walk
Small Dog Giving a High Five
Puppy In Training
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