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Our Partners

Below are businesses and individuals that we have connected with to wholistically bring you the best of care for your dog! Some of our partners have been kind enough to give our clients discounts on their services/products.

A black and white dogs sits on grass looking up at the camera. On the left of the dog is the text "we're a part of Lyka's Partner Program. Use this code at checkout for 30% off your first box" with an arrow pointing to a white box with text "POPS".

We partnered with Lyka because we are passionate about the overall well-being of your dogs, and we know how important a well-rounded species appropriate diet is for both optimal physical and mental functioning.

And Lyka has this covered for us!

For more information on Lyka check out this booklet they have provided.

We believe that every dog deserves a range of enrichment activities and items in their life. Why not add this fantastic handmade forage ball to your collection.

A forage ball is great mental stimulation for your dog. It can be used to control boredom (great for rainy days), slow down a fast eater, or simply as a fun reward.

A collage of images of the forage ball of different colours.
FunkDog's Logo

If you're in need of some funky apparel for your furhuman then look no further! FunkDog is all about quality and luxurious dog raincoats and accessories. Eye catching, comfortable and long lasting designs.

Use code POP10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

Want to Partner with us?

If you have a dog business and are interested in partnering with us then reach out at

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