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Golden Retriever Being Trained With Dog Treats


Dog Trainer & Dog Behaviourist

We use science-backed, positive reinforcement training to build a relationship based on trust and kindness so that your dog knows what to do, instead of what not to do. 

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Smiling Woman Holding Her Dog on a Leash While Training Him to Do Tricks

Happy dogs,
happy humans

Getting a well-behaved dog that loves and listens to you is possible with positive reinforcement training. 

We support puppies, adolescent and adult dogs and their owners to live together as teammates, forever. Start your training journey with us by your side! 

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What our clients say:

Puppy Looking Cute
"Jenny worked with me & my dog over a series of fabulous and informative session to work on barking and keeping my dog from feeling abandoned while I was at work. Her knowledge of dog behaviour was unparalleled, and I learnt so much about my own dog! Thank you Jenny for being so enthusiastic and passionate about helping me and Coco." 

Coco & Courtney

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Hello, meet
Problems On Paws!

My name is Jenny. I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I spent my entire childhood asking my parents for a dog. Always the answer was no, until one day it wasn’t.   

I want to give you the skills and confidence to build a strong relationship with the dog you have. I want to help you give your dog the skills and confidence to live in our world.  

Jenny, Owner of Problems on Paws, Teaching a Dog to Shake

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